"A company’s employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product." – Richard Branson

Corporate Well-being

Having worked in the corporate environment for over 20 years, I am hugely passionate about employee well-being, reducing individual stress and increasing productivity and creativity.  

My experience of managing teams taught me that we are all dealing with our challenges and aside from developing and managing productivity, being a manager who was empathetic, supportive and understanding was still not enough. 

Whilst I had developed the tools to help later in life to produce a better working environment, I realised how many places were dealing with the same issues and although therapy and counselling can be effective to a certain point it could never get rid of the root cause of the problem. This is where Reiki works on a much deeper level, working on the cause and allowing individuals to move forward by releasing old and new wounds and blocks that are causing the mental/physical illness, stagnating their growth and development.  


Employees have had to adapt the way they work during this pandemic, blurring the lines of their work/life balance with longer working hours, lack of holidays and not taking enough breaks will have resulted in employee burnout. Anyone who has managed childcare/home-schooling at home will have experienced higher levels of stress and will be at more risk of burnout.

The combination of isolation, deep fatigue and societal anxieties around Covid-19 is also likely to have reduced employee wellbeing.  Compounded with unprecedented restrictions on personal and social lives, this will ultimately contribute to the impact of employee mental health.

Mental health problems have a significant impact on businesses because it increases absenteeism and decreases motivation and productivity. To combat this, aside from offering reassurance and transparency, organisations will benefit from providing tools to address these points and encouraging individuals to allow the time and space in being able to find their calm in the corporate chaos.

Reiki presents a safe and holistic approach to existing and new challenges of well-being in the workplace, gives the opportunity for practicing selfcare, the ability to de-stress, feel present and enjoy life.

My corporate offerings include:

  • 1-2-1 on-site Reiki Healing (Distance Healing due to Covid restrictions)
  • Virtual Workshops offering tools to feel re-invigorated, re-energised, have a renewed focus to be able to become motivated with more focus and clarity and enable them to perform at a higher level
  • Group reiki healing workshop (offering online workshops now)

Workshops and Reiki Healing will help;

  • Promote peace and help manage chaotic challenges
  • Increase motivation, productivity and creativity, improved concentration reducing procrastination
  • Promotes better health and immune, reducing time off sick
  • Overcome hurdles and roadblocks which we feel as stressful situations
  • Better communication within teams, better relationships and a happier environment
  • Overall, a happier, healthier workforce with a reduction in stress and anxiety

No two sessions or workshops will be the same as each session/workshop will be tailored to company specifics.  If you would like to hire me for private sessions for your employees, or are interested in adopting Reiki into your workplace, I would be happy to propose a tailored offering for you.

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