”In the deeper reality beyond space and time, we may be all members of one body.” – Sir James Jeans

Distance Healing

Reiki healing transmitted at a distance using the power of Reiki symbols to connect, so you don’t have to be physically present.  I always describe this to be much more powerful than technology as you never get disconnected until you physically disconnect.  There is also no limit to how far the recipient can be and the result is the exact same as 1-2-1 healing.

I guess in Quantum physics this is explained as the entanglement theory, when two particles of energy come into contact with each other they can then share information or mirror each other even if separated by time and space.

The majority of my distance healing work is for my overseas clients, or those too far or too ill to travel.  However, 2020 completely changed everything and Distance Reiki Healing has become my most popular offering and with the increase in mental health issues, I am inundated with distant healing requests.

All you will need to do is set aside an hour in the comfort of your home and either sit or lie down, the initial consultation will take place and then a follow-up email sent with any intuitions or advice regarding the session.

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