“To heal from the inside out is the key.” – Wynonna Judd

Reiki Healing

Anita Sharma Reiki Practitioner

Reiki can be given to adults, children, pregnant mothers, animals, plants, affirmations and even electrical items.

When working with clients I work with seven of the main energy systems in the body, called chakras.  These wheels of energy start at the crown of the head and move down the spine, all the way to the feet.  When there is an imbalance in these energy centres, or blockages, there is a disruption in the natural flow of energy in our bodies, which can cause an imbalance in the body and mind. 

Treatments last around an hour, an initial discussion will take place to understand what the client would like to achieve from the session, and we will together choose an appropriate intention for the session.  Reiki works on all levels and goes exactly where needed.  No two sessions are the same as I tap into the needs of my clients to enable maximum healing and a completely bespoke experience.

In balancing the energy flow you will feel much more focused and have more clarity about situations and by being in balance you create a much more calmer environment.

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